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We organize showcase weeks (watched by local club coaches and technical directors) beginning December 18th and ending January 31st, 2023 for these footballers who were unable to find a club this season or who have recovered from an injury.

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What We Offer

ALL of the clubs with which you will train or play are looking for new footballers.

This football deal is for you if, instead of working a 9-5 job and playing amateur football with your friends, you want to make a meaningful difference. And you must begin somewhere in order to do so.

We’ve provided you with a map and a route.

Player's Level

Amateur, over 18 yo. The majority of the players are amateurs with no strong CVs and no video footage.

Club's Level

Currently, in the island, there are four amateur clubs, two semi-professional and one professional Greek club.


Any passport will do. Greek, European Union, and non-European Union


Karakonero, E.A.K. sport complex, Rhodes town, Rhode island. This is the training ground of our club Elafia Rhodes FC


1. January 4 – January 18, January 19 – January 31 (registration deadline at December 15)

2. February 1 – February 15, February 16 – March 3 (registration deadline at January 15)

3. March 4 – March 18, March 19 – March 31 (registration deadline at February 15)

Trainings / games

During the two-week football showcase, there will be eight (8) training sessions and two (2) friendly games.


Yes. During the football showcase, UEFA professional coaching will be provided (UEFA A & B coaches)


Yes. During the football showcase weeks, parents, agents, and coaches can accompany a player.

Kalipateira Sports Complex

Kalipateira Sports Complex | Natural Grass Football Field

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Kalipateira Sports Complex | Turf Football Field

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Kalipateira Sports Complex | Turf Football Field At Night

Football In A Net

About Greek Leagues

Because the current season of Greek amateur leagues (3rd and 4th) only started in November, the championships will most likely end in April and June.

This is a fantastic chance for amateur footballers to play for 6 months.

There are currently on Rhodes Island:

a. four (4) strong and competitive clubs in the fourth division (amateur),

b. two (2) third-tier clubs (semi-professional Ialisos FC and Rhodes FC) and

c. one (1) second-tier club (professional, Diagoras FC)

Football Showcase Contract

Earn A Contract

You have the option of personally negotiating the terms of your agreement with the interested club.

Salary and benefits:

a. 4th league clubs: Meals and lodging plus a monthly salary of 300-400 euros

b. 3rd league clubs: Meals and lodging plus a monthly salary of 400-600 euros

c. 2nd league clubs: Meals and lodging + a minimum monthly salary of 700 euros


Do You Need A Visa?

If you need a visa to enter Greece, we can provide you with one for free if you register. The delivery of a hard copy of the invitation to your home address typically takes 5-6 days, and visa processing takes approximately 2 weeks.

NOTE: If you do not attend the showcase for any reason, you will not be refunded.

Football Showcase Registration

Registration Fee

The registration fee is 300 euro

The fee of 300 euros covers one person for a two-week Football Showcase; it is non-refundable and should be paid in advance during registration.

This offer is stackable. If you want to stay longer than two weeks, simply pay an additional 300 euros and register yourself multiple times.

“My entire team is excited for these showcase events!

Meeting new people every day, especially young people, is one of my favorite aspects of my job. I work with footballers of all sizes and shapes, from amateurs to future professional international stars. I am convinced that these showcase weeks are the best way forward for aspiring amateur football players.
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Kanakis Gregory, President, Elafia Rhodes FC
Coding Dots


How to register in Showcase Weeks?

You can register by clicking the button below or by sending the following information to [email protected]:

a. Your curriculum vitae (better with video links)
b. Your ID Card or Passport
c. Receipt of payment
d. If you require a visa to enter Greece, provide your home/office address (Address, Town/City, Postcode, Country, Mobile, Email).

Do you refund the registration fee?

We do not accept partial payments and do not provide refunds because once a player registers for the showcase, his spot is reserved and cannot be filled by another player. We only accept four players per week, and we must pay in advance for the training field, coaches, and equipment, whether or not the player shows up.

I need a visa. Do you offer refund in visa denial?

To put it bluntly, no. Because of the reasons stated above. Furthermore, we lose approximately 100 euros when a footballer who requires a visa to enter Greece registers, due to the notarized invitation and UPS courier costs. We will most likely break even by the end of the showcase weeks, but also we hope to have helped some of the players find a team.

My registration deadline?

Depending on whether you need a visa to enter Greece, each registration closes around one month before your arrival date.

Who do I pay the registration fee to?

Pay the fee to:

1. Our partner Idsoccer Limited
Bank: Wise
Account holder: Idsoccer Limited
IBAN: BE92967114300823
Wise’s address: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52
Brussels, 1050, Belgium


2. WesternUnion, MoneyGram or Ria Transfer
to the vice president of the club:
Country: Greece

What about flight tickets, airport transfer & Meals?

None of this is included in your registration. You are responsible for locating and covering all of the above. We typically use the services of Stay Hotel & Hostel in Rhodes City, which can provide inexpensive lodging as well as kitchen equipment to prepare your meals. You may, however, select any other hotel or hostel.

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About Elafia Rhodes FC

Elafia Rhodes FC (ΑΠΣ Ελάφια Ρόδου) is an amateur Greek club, established at 2019, with the registration number 6644 in Hellenic Football Federation

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About Idsoccer Limited

Idsoccer Limited is a company registered in UK, with the registration number 12697241. The last 3 years we are using our club’s facilities to organize football trials and showcase events.

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