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In one word: THE UNIQUE… as surprising as that may be

The following benefits usually apply to ALL children, regardless of age, unless otherwise noted


According to the principle “every child and a ball”, we offer each child his/her own ball of size 3, 4, 5 depending on his/her age. There are also match balls of excellent quality, which are used exclusively for official matches

Other Equipment

The 1st team usually uses professional equipment such as hurdles, dummies, forearms, space markers, arches, reaction balls, acceleration ladders, etc. which are usually not available to the younger age groups. In our team ALL of this professional equipment is available from day one to ALL players, without exception

Game Videos

We offer via Youtube, Facebook and the website, livestreaming of home games, and all away games that the opposing team allows us, as well as selected training sessions. Parents and player have online access to the saved videos on YouTube or the website. ALL videos are available for download to your computer

Video Analysis

The team has at least one video analyst, who is responsible for the analysis of the K14, K16, and 1st Team videos. We analyze ALL home games, all away games where video is available, and selected practices. Parents and player have online access to all video and analysis data at any time


Health Insurance

All children are insured by a private company. The insurance covers medical expenses, surgery costs and in and out of hospital costs. If the amount of insurance is not sufficient to cover hospital and medical expenses, our team covers the rest of the expenses

Child psychologist

The child psychologist is an integral part of an athlete’s training and cannot be missing from our team as he helps the players, through monthly or weekly sessions, to cope with the pressure of training and competition. The sessions are mandatory for all our players


Like the child psychologist, the nutritionist is another indispensable scientist who cannot be missing from our team. With the number of obese children in Greece exceeding 20% and another at least 30% being overweight, the need for the services of a nutritionist is imperative. The sessions, again, are mandatory for all our players

UEFA Coaches

Of course, they are the most important link in football. ALL of our coaches hold UEFA A or B or C diplomas, and speak English. Some of them have first aid certifications, have participated in international seminars or camps, hold certifications from international organizations or professional teams, and have written dissertations on football

Staff training

Learning is acquired through lifelong learning and we could not deny it. We have already signed agreements to train and educate our human resources (coaches, analysts, board members) in 4-month & 6-month online seminars with Barca Innovation Hub

Parental Seminars

In addition to our staff, we are also obliged to educate the parents of our players, however strange that may seem. It is critical that you, as parents, know how to behave towards your child, other parents, our coaches and beyond

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