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Kallipateira Sports Centre

29 Filerimou 29, Rhodes 851 00

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you send us a message or call us, please read our frequently asked questions. Maybe the answer is here

When will registration for 1st Team start?

Pre-registration and early registration is available all year round. The post-registration period varies each year but is usually between August 1 and October 30

When do the teams' training sessions start?

Our plan is for September 12, if there are no changes to the start of the league by the Dodecanisos Football Union


Can I register my child in 1st Team?

Our aim is to ensure that children are not discriminated against on the basis of their nationality, religion or colour. All, are welcome

What about travel to and from the stadium?

We are already in the process of renting a small 14-seat bus to serve the initial needs of transporting children to the games

What are the acceptable ages in the 1st team?

The age limits are set each year by the Local Football Federation and are usually 14 years old. Upon reaching the age of 14, players can automatically enter the 1st team. The maximum limit we have set is youngsters up to the age of 23 (we may add 2-3 older players)

Are medical tests necessary?

The medical tests, once your child has been registered, are compulsory. Regardless of private insurance, our team will not accept any child who has not had a medical exam

E.A.K. Rhodes Stadium

Our club is based at the stadium Sports Center Kallipateira and all trainings and matches of the 1st team in C amateur will be held there.

Malona's Stadium

The second stadium of the team will be used exclusively for the league and cup matches of the first team, if the Kallipateira Sports Centre is not available